Teeth Whitening at Home Diy

For Teeth Whitening Baking Soda

not cutting it?

 At home Teeth Whitening remedies can sometimes work but most of the time they end up a big fail. I was on the hunt for an easy, fast, and low cost at home Teeth Whitening product and believe one particular product checks all these boxes. I tried from Baking Soda to Activated Charcoal to an at home Whitening Kit to see what which can outshine and check all these boxes. 

teeth whitening with baking soda and lemon

Teeth Whitening at Home Solutions Review

Pure Baking Soda

PROS: Price $0.79/lb

CONS: No visible results the first couple of uses.

Active Wow Charcoal Powder

PROS: Whiter results but quite small change after a daily/ one week use.

MEH: $19.99 @ Target

CONS: VERY messy! (almost dropped the whole product)

Mysmile at home teeth whitening kit

MySmile Kit

PROS: $21.99. Visible results after first use.


Cali White Charcoal Toothpaste

PROS: $9.99. Whitens the first couple of times. 

CONS: smells & tastes nasty. Results stopped after 4th use. 

Can we get a drum roll please...

 Top choice: MySmile Kit

MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Good news: 20% Off discount for October Only. Just use coupon below

If you are considering in Whitening your smile effectively at home and still be under your budget, then look no further this might be the perfect whitening solution for you. MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit retails for $21.99 and FREE S&H, I know free shipping?!  

Now although I was sold by the free shipping, I was a bit skeptical even though it is a at-home teeth whitening kit that claims to brighten ones teeth in as little as ten minutes. I was not sure in the beginning of purchasing this item that it could be this magical whitener, especially when similar products, but yet, over priced whitening kits have been all over Instagram and just hyped by celebrities. But to get something perfect it does take trail and error, so I decided why not?

Each MySmile Kit contains:

  • A rubber mouth tray.
  • Three syringes containing whitening gel ( 3 applications per syringe = 9 applications a Kit)
  • An LED light (battery included)
  • Brief instructions
  • A results shade chart.


Did I think this product was worth it? I really do, I think it’s a really affordable compared to other kits ranging from ($50 – $160) and to top it off you can start to see the results just after the first use. Before I started to use this product I had not so white but not so yellow teeth, so the changes weren’t as dramatic. It was scuttle, but I knew the product did whiten them more, and I was very happy with that. Every experience or shade of teeth can vary from person to person, depending on their intake of food (coffee, wine, juices, soft drinks, etc). Like I honestly think that if I didn’t have had any coffee or wine my teeth would of brighten to the Kits full potential. But I really do think for the price point, results, and effort involved, it’s definitely WORTH!! If you guys want to go check them out I’ll leave their Social media links down below.